Yaoi Manga Recommendation Loves You

Manners maketh man. Do you know what that means? Obviously this person never knew that in this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Katappashi Kara Zenbu Koi

From Hoshi Kuzuu:
Out of the blue, childhood friend Takaoka confesses to Iwami! When popular playboy and ladies man Takaoka says “I love you”, he doesn’t believe it one bit. Is he making fun of the virgin!? A modern high-school boys’ adolescent love development!

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=109801



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Yaoi Addiction Society Special Report

This is a Yaoi Addiction Society Special Report.

Dear My Mononoke Sacrifice
New Yaoi Dating Sims Game in The Google Playstore.
(Been meaning to post this for like a week, sorry it took so long.- Darklordrabey)
Download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.arismile.a1a180&hl=en
Invite Code: wrFwNE
Game Walkthrough: http://blah-bidy.blogspot.com/2014/12/walkthrough-dear-my-mononoke-sacrifice.html?m=1

This BL game of being a sacrifice in 1900s Japan and falling in love with spectors has now been released!
The story is about a boy who was offered as a sacrifice to a spector, lost freedom, and struggles to find true love in the chaos.
Enjoy the shady love story with spector, Oni(devil), and mysterious guy!
The time is Taisho era (1900s), Japan.
Due to the contract which the empire of Japan made in the previous era with the spectors who has threatened the people and the world, the daughters of a noble family have been offered as a sacrifice to Mononoke to be protected by the supernormal power of Mononoke.
The new period Taisho era(1900s) has been started at the same time when the Meiji era collapsed.
There was a boy born on a noble family, Shijo, who were grown up as a sacrifice to a Mononoke.
The boy’s Achilles tendon was cut by his mother because of her strong obsession towards him, and he has been forcefully living in a secret room. One day, he confirms his determination.
“I want freedom――. By my own feet, I will obtain my own place to live.”
The boy was offered as a sacrifice to the spector who is the head of the Mononoke of water, Kirei Kokonoe.
He brings ‘wisdom’ which is the only thing makes him strong, to go for the broke at the risk of his fate.
“Let me participate in the conference.”
Even if he was ignorant of the world, he decided to make a new world.
There will be lots of difficulties but he won’t give up.
Because there are lots of hopes and his friends are always with him who tries protect him.
The three Mononokes tries to stretch their hand to hold the boys’ hand.
The bond of the beautiful Mononoke and the boy is getting deepen.
However, the outbreak of the war and the conspiracy in the chaos inflict pain on them.
Kaoru overcomes several difficulties and hardships, and then falling into the forbidden love…
※Basically, it is a free game. However, it costs when you purchase some special scenarios and avatars.
Be the sacrifice to Mononoke and find true love and get freedom…”


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Things Are Never Good With A Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Never lead, always follow. And more importantly, follow to this Yaoi Manga Recommendation. (Warning: This Yaoi Manga Recommendation has Rape and Smut in it. Reader Discretion is Advised.)

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Follow

1) Follow
When her daughter passes away, the mother-in-law is desperate to keep her son-in-law in the family, but she only has a son left…!

2) Follow from the straight line
A delinquent rich-boy who just wants to ruin his dad’s reputation thinks of the perfect plan to do so – rape a boy and let him go crying to the authorities! But… things don’t always go according to plans…

3) The prize a good boy gets for following
The ruthless president of a loan shark company (or is it really?) takes a liking to an airheaded boy. He pays off the people around Naoya who leave him in debt… now the president can collect the interest with body payments.

4) Tyranno-Follow
Upon returning to my parents’ house after being away for half a year, I got tangled up with two naked men. Moreover, it’s my old man and my classmate from middle school!
A grown man’s perspective of his gay parents’ relationship.

5) The solitary castle rots

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=51095


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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Brotherly Love

Two brothers; one room. That can only mean one thing, time for another Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Crown Craze

From Moi-xRyu Scanlations:

In a room lie the two real brothers, the 17-year-old Kuruto and the 15 year old Enishi. —This is the good night kiss— They have been together since they were small. It was a natural thing for them to spend time together but that is slowly starting to change.

The day the relationship between the two of them becomes awkward is when Kuruto returns home after a long time. The brothers attitude towards each other are so different and suddenly Kuruto tells the younger brother “Don’t think of saying you love me again”…?

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=53088


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Yaoi Manga Recommendations Don’t Cry

Do not be a cry-baby, enjoy this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Colorful Line

Shousuke always takes the role to comfort his best friend, Tomoki, who tends to fall in love and then gets dumped several times. One day, Shousuke was drinking with Tomoki and was listening to his whining as usual. Tomoki cracked some jokes and confessed to Shousuke telling him “I love you” since Shousuke has always listened to him, but Shousuke let his true feelings out and asked Tomoki “Which one do you love more, me or your ex?” Tomoki answered he can’t choose and started crying. Shousuke got shaken up and kissed Tomoki without thinking!? The day when an airhead, cry-baby man who easily falls in love, and a normal guy who has negative connotations about love became more than friends!

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=101712


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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Rankings

How would you rank this Yaoi Manga Recommendation? (Warning: The following Yaoi Manga Recommendation has Rape, Bondage, Psychological, Bullying, and Dark Ambience. Reader discretion is advised.)

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Caste Heaven

Ruled by a cruel and arbitrary ranking system, the school is a pool of jealousy, envy and lust. Azusa was the King for a long time but one day he falls to the very bottom. What now?

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=109225



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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Is Feeling A Little Hot

Never fall in love with someone from your father’s work, it could become a part of this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Cool Down

Falling for his father’s worker may not be as easy as Makoto has hoped– and it does not help when trouble soil in the company’s ground, or the fact that Makoto witnessed Hirai’s mysterious meeting with a woman?!

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=3765



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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Hangs Ten

Surf’s up. It’s time to catch the waves with this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kirakira no Hibi

From Moi-xRyu Scanlations:

Every morning high-school student Nanami catches sight of this one surfer he secretly begins to admire. Incidentally, however, it is later on a certain day that they reunite in a classroom! Turns out that this one-year-older senpai, named Shuu, is in fact one who, while characteristically mature, is unsociable to the extent that he’s even notorious for being someone difficult to approach. Even so, for some reason, Nanami becomes the sole person that he can smile at and laugh with, over and over again… As they repeatedly spend more time together after school, by midsummer, Nanami finds himself receiving a kiss near the seaside?! And so, a story of dazzling first love ensues.

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=79471



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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Right Where You Are

The only world that I need is one with a Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kimi no Iru Sekai Shikairanai

The bright spot in Futaba’s lonely childhood was Yuki, a pretty boy who helped him when he was lost and would magically appear to relieve his tears. One day, Futaba, sad at his parents continual neglect runs away and asks Yuki, “Do you hate me too?” Yuki responds with a kiss and then disappears. Years later his father announces that his brother, Kazuyuki, from a previous marriage will be living with them. Yuki has returned to Futaba but the gentle and kind boy of the past has been replaced by a cold and beautiful stranger.

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=55964



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Yaoi Manga Recommendation One Night Stand

More workplace romance is the plot in this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Datte Asobi Desho?

When I woke up in a hotel room that morning, I, Yoshiki, found myself before a naive coworker, a guy named Sunohara. Even if, at first, I was determined to cut ties with him after that single night, I remain strangely intrigued each time I pass him by at work…

Summary from https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=79858


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