A Ninja Bound Would You Ship It

Fans everywhere have some tough choices to make in life; and some have that more tougher than dating sims. However what would happen if two potential choices from two different dating sims that involves ninjas, and they end up falling in love with each other instead of the main heroine of their respective sims? We give you the chance to answer that question. I’m Thomas The Fudanshi, and this is The Yaoi Addiction Society’s…

Would You Ship It?

That’s right, we let you determine a potential outcome between two ninjas from two different dating sims; and give you the chance to see if they will potentially fall in love with each other in a Supreme Ending that you could come up with. Enough talk, let’s give these cute ninjas their time to shine.

Our first ninja is…Soji Sasaki from Shall We Date: Ninja Assassin +! Soji is fronting as a constable. Cool, calm, and a bit unsociable. He is dedicated to his job, who believes in justice. He might be a little shy, but kind to everyone. What made him join the vigilantes? What would happen if he met someone who was different and he ends up liking him and, maybe, falling in love with him?

Our second ninha is…Kaito from Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja 2 +! Kaito was born and raised in Summer Village. He is the descendant of Lord Enya, a legendary fire-manipulating ninja from Fire Village. He’s use to flames; HOWEVER! What would happen if he lights the flame of a very cool ninja and, maybe, just get him to fall in love with him?

Now we give you the chance to let your voice heard as we ask you the tough questions! How would they meet? What would happen between them? Who would be the Seme? Who would be the Uke? Would the both be Seke? Let us know! We will se you guys next time, when we once again ask you the toughest question of them all.

Would YOU ship it?


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Totally Captivating Yaoi Manga Recommendation (Reader Discretion is Advised)

The following Yaoi Manga Recommendation has adult content in it, Reader Discretion is Advised.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation is Totally Captivated: Side Stories


Extra stories for Totally Captivated as published by Net Comics (orginally set of 5 self published volumes).

Vol 1) Totally Peeking Under the Sheets 1
Contains two sections:

- How to Live with a Total Beast
Attempting to balance love and career, Ewon agrees to his lustful lover Mookyul’s scheme to have sex only once a week. The poor young man doesn’t realize that this sex must make up for the rest of the week… and might even be life-threatening.

- Totally Peeking Under the Sheets
Ewon attempts to domesticate Mookyul’s sex drive by teaching the man household chores. Little does he know that Mookyul can transform even simple housework into twisted sexual foreplay.

Vol 2) Totally Peeking Under the Sheets 2
- The final chapter Part I & Part II

The love affair between Ewon and Mookyul reaches a fateful moment when Ewon’s father dies, leaving behind his suicidal mother and innocent sister Nabin. Now Ewon’s “happily ever after” must face a stark reality.

Vol 3) Diary of Sangchul
In this prequel, experience Mookyul’s brutal rise to power as seen through the eyes of his calculating lieutenant Sangchul. Rival gangs, treacherous underlings, and even Mookyul’s own boss the Chairman scheme to drag the young man down.

Summary by: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=132214


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A Friendly Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Things change after talking to your friends in this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation is Mata, Koko kara!!


Mata, Koko kara!!; Comic Magazine LYNX Vol.39 2011-09
Okada is once again dumped by his girlfriend. He runs into Kitazawa, an old friend, and the two end up talking about their days at school… before landing in bed together. Includes several other short stories as well.

Koko kara Saki no Futari (・ア・ア・ゥ・・・・・フ・・・l); kakioroshi
After story to the first chapter.

Saigo made Kikenakute (・ナ・・・ワ・ナ・ョ・ッ・ネ・ュ・ト); Vol.40 2011-11
Saigo made Kikenakute (・ナ・・・ワ・ナ・キ・ッ・ネ・ュ・ト); Vol.41 2012-01
Tobira wo Hiraite (・・・・・J・「・ト); Vol.38 2011-07

Summary by: http://myanimelist.net/manga/78227/Mata_Koko_kara

Link: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=75049


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A Perfect Yaoi Manga Recommendation?

This Yaoi Manga Recommendation is ANYTHING but perfect.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation is Takashima Kouichirou no Risou no Koibito


One day Kitamura forgets his cellphone, being found by his kouhai. He find out that his senpai is narcissist, telling him that he will keep his secret if he will become his sex friend

Summary by: http://myanimelist.net/manga/99431/Takashima_Kouichirou_no_Risou_no_Koibito?q=takashi

Link: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=122506


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The Most Emotional Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Get ready for a whole lot of feels in this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation is Oniisan to Yobinasai


Story about a young man who was going to give up on life until he met an older man who decides to help him.

Link to info: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=132460


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Break Up or Be Held Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Sorry for the mistake on Tuesday, THIS is the actual two part Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation is Hitorijime Boyfriend


From JManga:

“Would you like to break up with me again or be held, which would you prefer?” My former friend with the beautiful face, whom I’ve run into again after so long, only says things that cause me trouble. In the winter of sixth grade, Kensuke was upset about having to separate from his best friend Hasekura in middle school, and ended up breaking off their friendship. Three years has passed since then, and Hasekura comes in contact with Kensuke like nothing had changed. Kensuke was happy they could repair their friendship, but Hasekura says something completely out of left field…

Link to info: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=60246


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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Special Delivery

There’s more than a special delivery in this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation is Wakatte Kudasai

Fujitani, who’s keeping a reptile, becomes acquainted with Mitsuse, a delivery man who has the same hobby. But little by little Mitsuse’s behavior starts to change…!?

Link to info: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=131600


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Would You Ship It? Arrives

“Twas bryllyg, and ye slythy toves Did gyre and gymble in ye wabe: All mimsy were ye borogoves; And ye mome raths outgrabe.” Those are the most infamous words said by the Cheshire Cat in “Alice In Wonderland”. While there are no Jabberwockies here, we have two cats instead; however, what would happen if they fell in love with each other? I’m Thomas The Fudanshi, and this is The Yaoi Addiction Society’s…

Would You Ship It?

Today, we continue our special Five Part Ultimate Pairings Crossover Couples Contest that we did with two very different “cats” in personality and name, and we let you come up with your dream scenario for the duo that may end with them falling in love with each other. With that out of the way, let’s dive into the rabbit hole and see who these two are.

Our first cat is…Boris Airay from Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World! Boris is the counterpart of the Cheshire Cat; like the character he is based on, Boris loves riddles. He has functional cat ears and a tail, several piercings and tattoos, and dresses in short, exposing outfits with a pink boa and a collar with a chain. Boris works in the Amusement Park District for Mary Gowland. Though he is sly, devious character with a childish persona, he becomes close to Alice. He is friends with Dee and Dum, despite the fact that they work for opposing groups, and even goes to Hatter Mansion to have tea parties and interact with Elliot and Blood. Boris has on numerous occasions, snuck into the Castle of Hearts. When his luck ran out, Alice found him badly wounded and bloody, and after a reprimanding from Alice, Boris promised to change his careless and ruthless ways for Alice’s sake. He promised to change his ways for his version of Alice; HOWEVER! What would happen if he met someone like himself and ends up falling in love with him?

Our second cat is…Cheshire Cat from Pandora Hearts! Cheshire Cat is a chain that lives in a dimension created from Alice’s memories. He resembles a human form of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Cheshire was actually Alice’s pet cat from 100 years ago. The bell around his neck is the ‘truth’ from 100 years ago, later taken by Break. The Cheshire cat is a unique chain in that he doesn’t need a contractor in order to leave the Abyss (since his residence isn’t in the Abyss in the first place). Originally believed to be a fervent servant of the Intention of the Abyss, it later turns out that he is trying to protect Alice’s memories that she abandoned, in order to prevent her from suffering pain when she recalls them. He did his best to try and protect his version of Alice from her painful memories; HOWEVER! What would happen if he ends up protecting Boris and maybe falling in love with him?

Now we ask you your opinions of these two characters, and the potential dream scenario that you can come up with for them! How would they meet? What would happen between them? Who would be the Seme? Who would be the Uke? Would they both be Seke? Let us know! And we will be back next week, with two more couples from our Ultimate Pairings Crossover Couples Contest, to answer the most important question of them all!

Would YOU ship it?


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Hitorijime no Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Get ready for more than a one night stand with this first of a special Two-Part Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation is Hitorijime no Jouken


From Fujoshi Bitches:

Your heat won’t leave my body.
Miyama, who always kept having one-night stands and won’t have a serious relationship with anybody, is having an unrequited love for his colleague, Imoto.
Even though he has already made up his mind that he won’t sleep with Imoto because he loves him, for some reason, he ended up sleeping with him.
Although he wants to pretend that all of that never happens and return to their normal relationship like before, Miyama can’t forget that night’s heat no matter what…

Link to info: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=105501


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Setsuna Mudoh X Tweedledum: Another World


Setsuna Mudoh X Tweedledum: Another World


Disclaimer: I do not own Setsuna Mudoh or Tweedledum. Setsuna Mudoh belongs to the creator/s of Angel Sanctuary and Tweedledum belongs to the creator/s of Kiddy Grade. I also do not own the song “Dreaming of Another World”. It was created, sung, and owned by the band, Mystery Jets.


The alarm clock started to ring out very loud within the bedroom; so loud that it woke up the person that was in the bed. The hand of the person in the bed slowly made its way towards the alarm clock; once it reached the constantly ringing alarm clock, it turned the alarm off and the person in the bed slowly woke up. Setsuna Mudoh gave off a little yawn, he really needed to get that alarm clock dealt with at some point.

He turned over to his side and said to the person on the other side with a smile, “Hey man, it’s time to get up.” Then he gave that person a kiss on his forehead. Then Tweedledum woke up very slowly, gazing into the eyes of Setsuna. With a smile on his face, Tweedledum said, “Good morning, Setsuna.” Setsuna then said, “Good morning, Tweedledum.”

It’s a trick of the eye to live or to die
A riddle without a clue
I spend my days in a dreamy haze
Thinking of what to do

It had been a few days after the bold move that Setsuna and Tweedledum did, having Setsuna pull Tweedledum from his world into Setsuna’s world; at the risk of destroying The Mirror in the process. However, it did not matter for them; since they were now finally together in the same world.

The first few days were just to get Tweedledum settled in to being in a different world, and some fun between the two of them. Today, they decided to have some fun outside and do a little sightseeing around town and other things. They both agreed; but they both wanted to start with Breakfast first before doing any sightseeing.

Setsuna and Tweedledum had some Chocolate Chip Waffles with some fruit, Milk, and some Orange Juice; and for most of the time, they just talked about the many things that have happened to them within such a certain amount of time. From the first time they ever met, which started out with the two of them fighting about many things; to the moment that changed their lives forever; to the events involving The Mirror, which included Setsuna pulling Tweedledum through The Mirror; and them living together, they really had a lot to talk about.

When the sun comes down, night is all around
I shed my skin, tread it on your ground
Go to a place where the people make a crowd
Find your pace and do what’s not allowed

After a very good Breakfast, the two got changed and head out for their fun sightseeing experience. For Tweedledum, it was a very sobering experience; because he came from a world that had fast moving spaceships and more futuristic things, and here he was walking side by side with the person that he loved in the same world towards certain sites. For Tweedledum it was truly like dreaming of another world, except that it was real

Dreaming of another world, dreaming of another world
Dreaming of another world, dreaming of another
You always seem to talk all through the night
And you always seem to make it home alright

During one point at the park, Setsuna and Tweedledum both took a look at each other and started to slowly remember their respective sisters and how they each lost them in some way. For Setsuna, his sister, Sara, was tragically killed; and for Tweedledum, his sister, Tweedledee, she left him. While they did love them before; both sisters each told their brother to be with each other, and they were right because they were together with each other.

It’s a sorry tale when a dream turn stale
I need a bolt from the blue
I once loved before, does it matter anymore?
‘Cause now it might be you

After a nice lunch, the two of them were off again for some more sightseeing. Just as Setsuna was looking at a few places, Tweedledum noticed a something out of the corner of his eye. Some time later, Setsuna came back to where Tweedledum was, Tweedledum was still there and they were off again.

When the sun comes up burning out the night
We stretch our limbs and walk into the light
There’s nothing left to say, sleep as the dead
It’s time to live out the dreams inside your head

Setsuna and Tweedledum continued on their sightseeing tour, stopping at a few more places and taking in the sights. Setsuna was wondering why Tweedledum was keeping quiet for some time, which only happened after Setsuna returned from looking at a few places.

When Setsuna asked Tweedledum what was going on; Tweedledum simply said, “Just wait, it’s all in the timing.” Which made Setsuna a little uneasy.

Dreaming of another world, dreaming of another world
Dreaming of another world, dreaming of another
You always seem to talk all through the night
And you always seem to make it home alright

After stopping at a good restuarant to have some dinner, the two finally stopped at the park that was responsible for the appearance of The Mirror and for Tweedledum to be pulled into Setsuna’s world; and for them, it would be the sight of another important moment for the two of them.

Setsuna Mudoh was looking at the sky; happy for spending so much time with his lover Tweedledum; but wondering what he meant by “all in the timing”. He was feeling a little upset that he might be leaving him, which would be sad for him; however, all his fears was put to rest when Tweedledum came up from behind, embraced him from behind, and placed something around his neck, a unique necklace with half of a heart.

Just try, try to scrape the sky
Only once, once before you die
Do something that will make your mother cry
The dream, dream of another world

Setsuna looked at the words that were on the heart, “You co” on the top and the bottom said “Sweet”. Setsuna turned around to see Tweedledum holding the other half of the necklace with the rest of the words on it, “mplete me” and “heart”. Tweedledum then said to Setsuna, “While you were looking around, I noticed these two necklaces at a jewelry store. So I figured why not buy them and surprise you with it.” He then smiled.

Setsuna walked over to Tweedledum and put the two heart necklaces together, which he said, “You complete me Sweetheart.” He then looked up at Tweedledum, then he gave him a very passionate kiss. Tweedledum returned the favor as the two just stood there, not moving one bit.

Dreaming of another world, dreaming of another world
Dreaming of another world, dreaming of another world
Dreaming of another world, dreaming of another
You always seem to talk all through the night
And you always seem to make it home alright

As the two stood there, embracing each other in a kiss. They both had a long journey to be with each other; from being two separate people who had problems and a strange love with their sisters, to falling in love, everything in between, and pulling Tweedledum into Setsuna’s world. Once they returned back home, they went to bed and looked into the other and laughed for the day that had and decided to at least have one more bit of fun before going to bed.

To them, this was their world; and no one would ever take that away from either of them.

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