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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Nar Kiss.
Manga: Nar Kiss
Summary: Honjou Naru is an 18-year-old young man studying at Libre University. For his entire lifetime, he never once had a girlfriend. This is because of his abnormality, his narcissism, which only happens if he sees a reflection of himself. To prevent that, he needs to wear contacts all the time. One day his contacts fell off and was step on by the most handsome guy in the school, Takashina Mamoru! This chance encounter would change his life forever…
Yaoi Manga of The Day

Yaoi Manga of The Day

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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Punch ↑

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Punch ↑.


Volume 1

1-2. Punch Up Motoharu is an openly gay, elite architect whose preference is the athletic, pretty boy type. While checking out the well-built construction workers at his favorite hunting ground the construction site, he found his missing wayward cat Shinobu. A hot-tempered, sarcastic, bratty ironworker named Kouta insists Shinobu is Nyata his cat. Will Maki be able to tame the vicious pet(s)? (features Misono from Mayou Otoko)

3. Punch Up Kouta feels uneasy after finding out about Motoharu and Shinobu’s one night stand.

4. Sweet Train Junsuke presents Shinobu a trip to Sapporo by train as a belated birthday gift. (features Shinobu and Junsuke from Play Boy Blues)

Volume 2

1-2. Punch Up Motoharu learns a little bit more about Kouta’s past from the youth’s ex-classmate.

3. Ohki Kouta’s InterviewA little interview detailing Kouta’s job.

4. Punch Up Kouta runs into his brother’s ex-partner and is made to remember his painful past.

5. Honeymoon Fukazu Yuya is going out with Kouta’s brother who is a cross-dresser. This chapter focuses on Kouta’s little known complicated past.

There are 4 volumes and the series is on-going.

Summary from

Punch Up 1 Punch Up 2 Punch Up 3 Punch Up 4

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This months BL Live action recommendation is Beautiful Thing

This months BL Live action recommendation is Beautiful Thing. This one is from England. It is not Asian this time as we are running out of Asian BL Live Action Films that we have not recommended. And there are many great BL Live Action Films from around the world for us to recommend. Summary: In a suburb of London, young Jamie is escaping sport hours, to avoid being the victim of his comrades. Young Ste, his neighbor, is beaten by his father, and comes to sleep overnight. They discover new feelings, sleeping in the same bed. Summary from

Watch it at

Buy at

 Beautiful Thing 1 Beautiful Thing 2

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This month’s Yaoi Addiction Society Yaoi anime recommendation is Ai no Kusabi

This month’s Yaoi Addiction Society Yaoi anime recommendation is Ai no Kusabi.

Summary: On planet Amoi, a great society has developed, creating a computerized city called Tanagura, ruled by supercomputer Jupiter. The populace is almost entirely male and is based on hair color; silver and/or blonds are the elitist, ending with dark/black haired as the bottom of society, often known as “mongrels”. Blondies keep “pets”, young boys kept for a few years, especially made for performing sexual actions for the Blondie’s voyeurism entertainment. Blondies aren’t suppose to keep pets for long or interact sexually with pets, but one blondie named Iason Mink has kept a pet named Rikki, for years and is rumored to sleep with him. Iason refuses to let go of Rikki, even with Jupiter’s disapproval. Rikki fights with his emotions and society problems, unable to decide what to do about his old friend/lover Gai (Guy) and their gang. Iason is obsessed with keeping Rikki, and Rikki doesn’t know what to do; fight against him or surrender to him. Summary from

Watch the OVA on

ai no kusabi 2ai no kusabi 1

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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Mijuku na Kareshi.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Mijuku na Kareshi.


1) Aimai na Kankei (Ambiguous Relationship)
Satoru, a single businessman, had lived alone since high school. One rainy night, Satoru picks up a high-school male stranger and give him shelter. Little does Satoru know that this high-school boy might be his dream filled escapade. After all…

2) Yasashiku Toraete (Capture Gently)
In this sequel to Aimai na Kankei businessman Satoru is living with his highschool lover, Reiji. Reiji’s brother is trying to convince him to come home. Will Satoru be able to hold onto him, or is letting him go the right thing to do?

3) Itsuwari no Daishou (False Compensation)
When teenager Mahito sees his father and his father’s secretary Kazaoka having sex, Kazaoka is sure that Mahito hates him. But then Mahito’s father dies and he takes over the company and Kazaoka!

4) Man On
Oono will do anything to get Nagumo by his side.

5) Kodomo Ijou Otona Miman (More than a Kid, Less than an Adult)
15 year old Kotarou still goes to his childhood pediatrician when he’s sick. Or does he have another motive?

6) Sweet Restraint
Atsushi’s father’s company is in trouble and Fukami will help, but only if he gets Atsushi.

7) Miracles Don’t Happen
When Oosuga’s internship is up the salary man Andou who Oosuga’s been lusting after invites him to his place for the night. Oosuga’s in heaven, but then Andou gives him money?!

8) Mijuku na Kareshi (Inexperienced Boyfriend)
Continuation of Miracles Don’t Happen.

Summary from

Mijuku na Kareshi  1 Mijuku na Kareshi

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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Nekoka Danshi no Shitsukekata.


From Girls’ Generation Scanlations:

After having been apart from his older brother for 10 years, Ninomiya Michiru, has finally returned to Japan to live with his brother, Shiou. But what surprises lies in store for him after all these years? What secrets were buried in his memories after all these years that he tried to forget?

Note: This manga contains some Step sibling incest. Know this before you read it.

Summary from

Nekoka Danshi No Shitsukekata 1 Nekoka Danshi No Shitsukekata

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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kemomimi Shouji.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kemomimi Shouji.


1) Part-Time Pets
In order to save costs, Norio Kameyama, president of a small design company having financial difficulties, hires a “bunny”, Shiro Inaba, to help around the office. At the office this bunny proves to be extremely competent and helpful; at home he needs taking care of just like a regular pet. When the contract is up, Norio and Shiro find they will miss each other.

2) Part-Time Pets
When Kemonomimi trouble-maker, Tama Mikezaki, is dispatched to author Souji Okano, problems were sure to erupt! Always ending up in a fight with his hired masters, this time was also no exception when he rebels against his latest master, Souji, who compares him (a human with cat ears and tail) to his beloved deceased cat! Tama wants to do something to make himself memorable as someone special.

3) Part-Time Pets
Prone to illness, rich boy Makoto is kept cocooned at home. All he has ever wanted is a dog, but he is told that his lungs can’t take it. But when his father hires a human-dog hybrid, Kuroshiba, he is less than happy. Kuroshiba treats Makoto just like the strict tutors he has always had. When Kuroshiba unexpectedly kisses him, however, consumed with guilt, the hybrid leaves the household, leading to revelations about the past, and realizations about the future.

4-5) Koimiko: Love Shrine
Financially troubled Amuba Shrine rests its hope for financial restoration on Enishi, a son of the family who has inherited the powers of a Koimiko–if you make love with him, true love will be yours. As a result, everyone around him has always treated him as a means to an end, and he has grown to hate love. Except for one teacher at school, Suzumori, who treats him no differently than any other ordinary kid. But even Suzumori loves someone, and when Enishi decides to help him out, it turns out to be more complicated than he thought.

6) Souji and Tama’s Summer Night

Summary from

Part-Time Pets 1 Part-Time Pets

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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Lens Goshi no Binetsu.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Lens Goshi no Binetsu.


By day, Takeo is the president of an up-and-coming IT company. But by night, he’s a total otaku. The problem is, for the past 17 years, he’s been desperately in love with someone – the self-centered Fumi, a man who happens to hate otakus. No matter how many times Fumi rejects Takeo, the he refuses to give up! But now all of a sudden Fumi is accepting a date with him…?!

Summary from

Lens Goshi no Binetsu

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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Koi wa Aserazu.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Koi wa Aserazu.


Overwhelmed by passion for his unquenched love, Morino finally confesses to his roommate Kusama. But Kusama isn’t content with a simple confession and his demands on Morino increase at a fast rate!

Summary from

Koi no Iro

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Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo.


1) The Sincere Frozen Moon
Asagi and Tachibana (lovers) are both Shinto exorcists, with Asagi being the head priest and Tachibana being the apprentice. Asagi comes from a long line of priests, each using a Heavenly Sword to fight evil spirits. Tachibana is very protective of Asagi and grows even more so when Asagi faints every time he uses the Heavenly Sword. How can Tachibana protect the one he loves?

2) The Dangerous New Moon
Haruaki visits the priest, Ei, everyday on his lunch break. Haruaki confides any troubles he’s been having to Ei, and Ei very much enjoys the company. Lately, Haruaki has been getting flak from his boss at work about how unkempt he dresses – a problem that seems insignificant at first, but ends up turning into something dangerous.

3) The Heavenly Swords Bulletin
An extra that goes into detail on the Heavenly Swords that appear throughout the chapters.

4) Midday Mirage
Toranosuke has sworn to avenge the death of his older brother, who was eaten by the demon, Shunjin. A souleater, Shunjin can only be defeated by one divine sword. But, when the time comes for Toranosuke to extract his revenge, can he really do it? Shunjin might be a monster, but there is something about him that draws Toranosuke’s gaze. Could the demon slayer be falling for the demon? Can the quest for love triumph over the quest for revenge?

5-6) Half Moon Passing
Nanaki, the youngest of the Heavenly Swords, has lost his sword form – meaning that, until he finds it, a void seal will spread across his body until he disappears from the mortal world. Ninomiya, the eldest of the Swords, wants to help Nanaki search, but is terrible with expressing himself with words. How can he convince Nanaki of his sincerity?

7) Crescent Moon Mirage
A continuation of Toranosuke and Shunjin’s story and a tying up of other loose ends.

Summary from

Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo 2 Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo

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