“Nobody Cheats Me Out of My Yummy Buns!” Well, Your Trying to Cheat Me Out of a Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Back again with yet another Yaoi Manga Recommendation. *Looks around* Just making sure no crazy Robo-Cat comes to beat me up for Yummi Buns. (Take a guess at THAT reference.)


Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Ikumen datte Koishimasu



Summary: From Girls’ Generation Scanlations:

1-3) Ikumen datte Koishimasu. Daycare teacher Yui doesn’t really like Rei’s super young daddy, Asagi. But after learning that 24-7 idiotically smiling Asagi is actually a kind and responsible daddy, Yui becomes conscious of Asagi. One day, Asagi collapses with a high fever and Yui comes over to tend to him. Yui ends up kissing Asagi who says in his fever, “stay with me, Yui.” But soon Yui is shocked to find out from Rei that Rei’s mother’s name is also “Yui.”

A love story between an earnest daycare teacher and a cute yet aggressive Papa begins~ ♪

4-5) When You Fall in Love Koizumi was a student that confessed his love to Ueda-Sensei. Now years later he shows up as a new teacher. What’s in store for these to men now?



Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=80936





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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Has A Secret

I have a secret hobby: It is to give out another Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku!

Summary: From Storm in Heaven:

Katsutaka and Kazuomi are seniors with a secret hobby: they love watching a pair of younger boys making love. Katsutaka and Kazuomi have fallen completely in love with Yuki and Kaede, and vow to capture them once they enter high school. That awaited day has finally arrived, but will the two seniors be able to reach their goal? And are Kaede and Yuki really who the seniors imagined them to be?

Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=65610589115_10204205410237503_847865092_n


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Cooking Up A Yaoi Manga Recommendation

It’s not something you wear in the kitchen; but it is a Yaoi Manga Recommendation


Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Apron de Choushoku wo



Summary: From Hochuuami:

When Shirakawa gets fired from his job, his future is looking bleak. Yamato, his junior from college, suggests that he take a turn at being his housewife. Can Shirakawa make a succesful move from boardroom to the kitchen?



Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1459





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A Deep Fried Yaoi Manga Recommendation

No Deep Fried Oreos; Deep Fried Milky Way; or Deep Fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups is going to stand in my way of doing a Yaoi Manga Recommendation.
Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Ai no Kotoba mo Shiranaide
1-3) What is Love? Kojima, the Vice President of the Student Body, always strives to be on the #1 spot in school. He normally gets along with the carefree Kurata… until one day Kojima snaps and forces Kurata to have sex with him. So starts their S&M relationship or is it love…?
4-6) You are the Worst Hiroto and Kota’s parents suddenly got married and the pair are forced to play nice and be the perfect brothers to each other, but will it really work?
7) Give it All to Love Kaji talks about his type.
8) X Another omake.
9) Afterword
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Yaoi Manga Recommedation and Redemption

My apologies to those who did not see a Yaoi Manga Recommendation Yesterday. Hectic day; but here is a redemption.


As I promised, here is what should have been Yesterday’s Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is April 4th. (No that is NOT a typo, this really is the title of the manga.)

Summary:  Iori always liked Naoto, even though Naoto cannot accept the fact than someone from the same sex is in love with him. But seeing the sad expression on Iori´s face, he can no longer refuse Iori´s feelings…

This is the continuation of the younger brother story from Self Portrait…

Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=3767





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We need a few volunteers

We need a few volunteers. For what you ask? To read Yaoi manga for us. We have recommended just about all the good manga we have read and can not read it fast enough to keep up with our Yaoi manga recommendations. We have recommended 613 Yaoi manga as of now. (Full list- http://yaoiaddictionsociety.com/wordpress/everything-yaoi-2/yaoi-manga/)  We will help you find them, all you have to do is read them and tell us they are good to recommend. Of course they would be online, please only volunteer if you are fine with reading online manga. If you are interested, e-mail us at  darklordrabey@yaoiaddictionsociety.com.

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Yaoi M-eow-anga Recommendation

Meow. Who let the cat out of the bag? Not sure; but this Yaoi Manga Recommendation is truly the cat’s meow.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kuroneko wa Shippo de Amaeru.

Summary: From Bakeneko Scanlations:

“When we met, I fell in love with you…” The novelist Sakaguchi was troubled. When Sakaguchi took in a weak kitten, the high schooler Kazuya, who comes to the his house to visit the cat, suddenly confessed. He thought it was just childish nonsense, but while usually being quiet, the Kazuya who is confesed his love awkwardly while his ears became red, seemed cute to Sakaguchi. But… adult love also entails sex, right? The love between the rough novelist and clumsy high schooler.


Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=94457



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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Has A Secret

Sorry for the delay; but here’s the next YMR.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Miwaku Shikake – Amai Wana

Summary: Amami’s a low-man on the totem pole at a tiny start-up firm—and his superior Hachidori really seems to have it out for him. They’ve got history themselves, which helps nothing, but one evening, Amami learns Hachidori’s deepest, darkest secret…which tilts his impression of the guy on its head.

Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=100491



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A Family Yaoi Manga Recommendation

What do you do when you are divorced? Well, find out in the latest Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kozure Ookami (INOUE Satou).

Summary: From Nakama:

On the same day two men, each divorced and with a child, moved into the top and bottom of an apartment. Facing the same circumstances, they hit it off right away, and found themselves in a relationship visiting each other?s home often. But one night, due to a situation(?) blamed on alcohol, their friendship took a perilous turn?!?

Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=40753




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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Dives In

Surf’s up and so is the Surf & Turf for this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Pink Napoleon Fish.

Summary: Chappy’s only strong point is his cooking. While working at a hotel on a quiet island he meets Natsu, who shows him a whole new world in Diving. Together they search for the Pink Napoleon fish that is said to bring happiness.

Includes “Moonlight Gigolo” oneshot.

Summary from http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=17753



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