The Yaoi Manga Recommendation Before Halloween

We are getting near Halloween, so this Yaoi Manga Recommendation is perfect to get in the mood for tomorrow.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Nekrateholic

Sakuya used to be a fearsome high rank vampire until he fell inlove with Atsumi. Now, he’s fallen so low that he can’t even drink other people’s blood because only Atsumi’s blood suits his taste. The problem is, Atsumi is not only a guy, but also a vampire hunter… Their love is more than just complicated, it’s a game of life and death for them both!

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This Yaoi Manga Recommendation Is Written In The Stars

A Yaoi with a Girl-dressed Boy who likes cute things and does not like men? That’s what they all say and this Yaoi Manga Recommendation is no exception.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Brand-new Star

From Blissful Sin & Yaoi Is Life:

Popular with maniacs, crossdressing Idol “Rukiya”, Usui Tokito is usually a plain high school student. It’s just because he likes cute things, it doesn’t mean he wants to be a girl or he likes men. That’s what he was thinking… then one day, Tokito’s secret is found out by the nurse doctor, Katsuragi Ken, who’s a passionate fan of Rukiya. In the course of events, they end up having sex…

Other than the main title portraying the first love of a “girl-dressed boy”, this newest comics are full of romance, sex, and youthful LOVE thrown with all it’s force!

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Two’s A Company And Three’s A Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Twosomes are the norm in every Yaoi; however, THIS Yaoi Manga Recommendation has a THREESOME. This is going to be hectic.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Joker Trap

1) Chief Mikimoto has been in a ‘relationship’ with co-worker Kosaka for the past month. Kosaka has now fallen in love. One night Kosaka is looking for Mikimoto… but finds him having sex with the company president! So what does Kosaka do? Throw logical thinking to the wind and join them to form a threesome! (Duh!)

2) As Kagiwashi Sensei is patrolling the night streets he happens to comes across what he thinks is bullying but is that actually what was going on?

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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Walking Around In Circles

This Yaoi Manga Recommendation truly has the right connections to be in this circle.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Circle (NAONO Bohra)

1. The Circle
All social connections fall into circles, some circles intersect, and some people can never connect. Captain Tachikawa wants to be closer to talented amateur Furuda, but it’s surprisingly difficult.

2. The Box
After seeing the friend he’s loved for ten years be swept up in an out-of-the-blue romance, Andou’s more than a little heartbroken. Then in steps the freakishly tall Higa, a first year at the university, to pick up the pieces… if only Andou actually wanted him too.

3. Blood Hope
A man(Hisae Kai) living with his daughter and grandchild finds a mysterious book and releases a demon(Hakuou). That demon offers to grant him one wish, but for a price…

4. Blood Trap
The story of Blood Hope continues with Hisae Kai, his daughter, his granddaughter, and Hakuou – a demon – living peacefully together. This peace is interrupted by a heavenly messenger sent to seal Hakuou, and Hisae must move to protect the ones he loves from this meddlesome spirit.

5. Blood Chip
Hisae Kai, his family, and the demon, Hakuou, still live together blissfully. One morning, Hisae gets fed up with Hakuou’s overflowing pottery works that are blocking Hisae’s workspace and demands that he removes them. During the cleanup, Hisae is attacked by a strange creature and Hakuou must protect him.

6. Akuma to Issho
A short one shot, more like a small extra, to the Blood- Hope, Trap, and Chip series of one-shots

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There Is No End To The Yaoi Manga Recommendation

No one wants things to end badly; however, will that be the case for this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is End Love

1-3) End Love
Miyano, who has a deep wound on his heart from a lost love in the past, avoids any serious romance. But, when he is told by his kouhai, Izuhara, to “just give me your body”, Miyano begins a relationship with him. Why, despite these words, is Izuhara treating Miyano so gently…?
- From Kagerou Scans

4-5) Sweet Destiny (Mata Asu Choushoku Nite)

6) Extra: Takao Mitsuru’s Hospital Record

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Mission: Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take a look at this Yaoi Manga Recommendation. (Warning: This Yaoi Manga Recommendation has rape, S&M and Bara. Read at your own risk.)

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Ore no Ushiro ni Tatsu na!!

From Blissful Sin:

A sex battle between the selfish young master and the wild detective!

After a certain incident, an excellent policeman named Jin loses his job. No longer employed, he decides to become a private investigator. One day, Kujou Anri, the young master of the Kujou family, walks into his office pretending to be a client. Instead, he ends up confining Jin! What was he really after when he bound and drugged the detective?

These adult oneshots have finally been gathered into one volume! There will be plenty of man-boobs and extra drawing to spare!

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First Rule of Yaoi Manga Recommendations

Sometimes rules were made to be broken, and you’re about to see that in this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Yorokobi wa Ude no Naka

Aoi has been living with Sagara-san, his mother’s ex-employee for thirteen years. He has been harboring unrequited love for his brother for the longest time and left home because of it. They have a rule against interfering with each other but when Sagara went to see girls…

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Yaoi Manga Recommendation For Counselor

Accidents can and usually happen at any time, even in this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Kiken na Hokeni Counselor

1-4) Dangerous school counselor

After accidentally kissing a male classmate in school, Ryou suffers as the students whisper and spread rumours about him. Feeling ostracised Ryou keeps to himself – only to wind up in the clutches of the schools counsellor. Will this relationship blossom? Can it last? And what would happen if someone found out?!

From GOKI408 :

4.5) When i think of you in the water.

Kawai’s in love with his friend Todou. But because they are in differente classe. He had to join the swimming club to be able to see Todou. But because of his habit to always look at todou during his practice, he keep being turning on seeing him in his swimsuit ! Now he can’t even be in the same pool as him… will he quite ?

5) Extra of Dangerouse school counselor.

5.5) Short extra When i think of you in the water.

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Yaoi Manga Recommendation Disciplinary Committee

Beware of some disciplinary actions for missing this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Fuuki no Okite

From Kawaii Corner:

On the first day of high school, because of a conditioned response, Kunie Hokuto injured Yachigusa Shissa, the disciplinary committee chairman feared by students throughout the school. He listens to Shissa’s remarks and agrees to be appointed to stay with him as his servant, in compensation for the injury. In addition, without knowing why, he is designated as a first-year representative to the disciplinary committee, but the disciplinary committee vice chairman, Shissa’s younger brother, Zento, declares, “I do not approve”…!?

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Which Way To The Nearest Yaoi Manga Recommendation

Lost for directions? Well, I can not help with directions; however, I can guide you to this Yaoi Manga Recommendation.

Today’s Yaoi Addiction Society’s Yaoi Manga of The day is Mayou Otoko

1-3) Mayou Otoko
Will Misono the architect overcome his bad sense of direction and find love? And where will the handsome new interior designer guide him to? (features Misono from Punch Up)

4) Heaven
An excited student moves into “the” room at the dormitory. Continuation of Room Mate (chapter 3 of Special Summer Vacation)

* Lost Man ~ Xmas Limited Edition is an extra published later in a magazine. It is not part of the Mayou Otoko tankoubon. Can also be found in Sasakure Memoriaru

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