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Welcome to The Yaoi addiction society. The Yaoi addiction society is for hardcore Fujoshi/Fundashi who can’t live without their Yaoi fix.


This organization has many purposes. The first is to further each other’s knowledge of Yaoi. We also want to demonstrate that Yaoi should not be considered taboo and that it is ok to openly express ourselves as Fujoshi/Fundashi without feeling the need to hide our love of Yaoi. We also want to help new artists and writers to show their work. Another one of our goals is to educate others about the LGBTQIA and etc. community, history and of course art.

At the Yaoi addiction society we promise to help you get your Yaoi fix. This site will provide everything you need to satisfy your Yaoi addiction. You can also share your Yaoi knowledge and your own art and/or fan fiction to other Yaoi fans.


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This is our Logo

The Japanese Symbols in the heart means yaoi, the flags in the back are the gay pride flag, Transgender pride Pride flag, and Bi Pride flag. It symbolizes that The Yaoi Addiction Society is for everyone who loves yaoi, no matter what orientation or gender identification they are.

These are our mottos here at The Yaoi Addiction Society. 

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