Aspiring Artists and Writers Corner

Aspiring Artists and Writers Corner

The Yaoi Addiction Society loves promoting aspiring artists and writers. We can help you advertise your work and even give you chances to sell your work. If you would like us to promote you simply fill out this application and send it to us with a few samples of your yaoi related work attached so we can get a feel for what type of art you do. Send them to Feel free to send any questions you may have to that e-mail address as well.

Here is the Application: Yaoi Artist or Writer Application

 Artists we Promote

DarkMagic Sweetheart


Anca Sulaiman

Nevi Star

Nana Ku

Profile Picture


The Akuma (2)


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Writers we Promote

A.M. Burns/A.J. Marcus

Wandering Stars Press

Perci T. Brooks


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