Motaku 2012

Motaku 2012

Is now named

Prussia and His Harem

+ The Yaoi Addiction Society at Motaku 2012

Motaku 2012 August 17-19 2012


August 17, 2012.

Getting the volunteers ready

Yaoi Girl 1

Handing Out the flyers


Random pictures




August 18, 2012.

Getting the volunteers ready

Prussia (a volunteer) and one of the members of his harem plays the Pocky game


The Yaoi Addiction Society Watches the cosplay contest



 August 19, 2012.

Prussia (a volunteer) and another one of the members of his harem plays the Pocky game, but with French Fries


Prussia (a volunteer) and his harem



Random pictures


After reviewing the pictures we have decided to re-name this page Prussia and His Harem.

But we did hand out over 100 flyers over the weekend, even though we mostly see Prussia in almost every picture.

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