Yaoi Pride Week 2015

Yaoi Pride Week 2015

(9/20/2015 – 9/26/2015)

Location: Anywhere in the world where you are

Description: Yaoi Pride Week is a full week devoted to openly expressing our love of Yaoi. We will post activities, pictures you can share, and much more on this page throughout (9/20/2015 Р9/26/15).
We will post activities that you can do to celebrate Yaoi Pride Week. Make sure to watch for the daily activity post and then take lots of pictures of what you do.

To see the activities throughout the week follow any of our account or RSVP on the event page, https://www.facebook.com/events/1498792980335697/.

There are a few places you can share your images, The Yaoi Addiction Society Facebook page, the Yaoi Pride week event page, on Tumblr and then add the tag #yaoiprideweek, or https://www.facebook.com/events/1498792980335697/.
This is not an event you need money for or to go to a location for. The daily activities can be done wherever you are without spending any money.

Yaoi Pride Week Actives for each day
Make sure to take pictures of all the activities you do then share them with us and post them with the hash tag #yaoiprideweek.

Day 1 (9/20/2015)- Do You Know About Yaoi? Day
Pass out info about Yaoi to people you know or even those you do not know. Share info about Yaoi online. Discuss Yaoi with others.

Day 2 (9/21/2015)- Yaoi in Your Neighborhood Day
Write and draw about Yaoi with chalk. Hang up banners or signs on your house about Yaoi. Use window paint and write/draw about Yaoi on your house Windows and car windows. And anything else you can think of. Make sure what you do does not break any laws. It might be best not to use any profanity.

By Erogekame Ecchihime Yaoisuki-McHentai also known as NQS.


“At a Starbucks. It was hard to get a good image since I did not want too many to notice. The text above said “What questions should we ask here. So I have them one.” -Darklordrabey Via Facebook


By Darklordrabey Via Facebook

12039397_886695041386204_7457229925148509906_n (1)

“XD OMG it turned out great! and I turned the Y into a laughing devilish like character with horns because the Y is also very “horny” upset emoticon devil emoticon OMG That pointy tail! upset emoticon while the i has a halo over it. I did mine with some graphic pens and bristol board. I had a lot of fun with this thank you for encouraging me to do it! And yes YAOI ROCKS! sunglasses emoticon heart emoticon I am just glad there aren’t any other letters before that Y! XD” -Tam Cox Via Facebook

Day 3 (9/22/2015)- I am a Yaoi Fan Day.
Take a picture of you holding a piece of paper that shows you love for Yaoi. We will give you templates to use or make your own. Some examples- I Love Yaoi because, Yaoi changed my life, Yaoi saved my life, Yaoi is Life!, Yaoi is Love and so on.) You can have your face showing or not, you can edit it in any way, you can even make ones with the paper in front of your pets, dolls, and so on. Have fun with this activity. Take as many as you want. Make sure to share the pictures with us and post them.

Alexis Sage French Via Facebook.

Alexis Sage French Via Facebook.

Day 4 (9/23/2015) Yaoi creativity day Make Yaoi themed Art, Poetry, short stories, and so on. Post pictures and share the with us.


Hair Clip By Darklordrabey.

"My boys Ren-Kun and Sai-chan from "Unstoppable Love"" Sequin Frederick Via Facebook

“My boys Ren-Kun and Sai-chan from “Unstoppable Love”" Sequin Frederick Via Facebook

Day 5 (9/24/2015) Ship your Ship Everywhere
Post about your Yaoi ships every where, make your ships the background on your phone, Computer, and so on. Make art of your ship. And any other ideas you have. (Note: A ship is a pairing you like of two or more characters from Anime, Manga, Games, TV Shows, Movies, Novels, and so on. Ones you hope would have a relationship, ones you image having a relationship, and so on.) Take pictures or screenshots of what you do and post them and share them with us.

Day 6 (9/25/2015)- Yaoi Education Day
Learn and teach others about Yaoi History, Vocabulary, themes, and other information. We have a lot of this info on our website and also we will post info you can share. We will also post questions on Yaoi Facts for you to answer.

Day 7 (9/26/2015)- Yaoi Party Day
Host a Yaoi Party, either where you live or online. Make a Facebook event page or invite people other ways. Host it or home, in a park, and so on or do it online with a chat, Skype, and so on. Watch Yaoi, talk about Yaoi, write a group Yaoi Story, make Yaoi related food, and so on. Take lots of pictures or screenshots. Post them and share the with us.

On Sunday (9/27/2015) we will post all the images we get unless you tell us you do not want us to.
Have fun this Yaoi Pride Week!



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