Who We Are

Who We Are

All of us here at The Yaoi Addiction Society are going to tell you a little about ourselves so you can know more about the people who help you get your Yaoi fix.


Founder of The Yaoi Addiction Society

“I am Katie AKA –Darklordrabey-. I am the founder of The Yaoi Addiction Society, the main admin on Facebook, I created and single handily run the website, Tumblr, and Twitter, and I organize all the events. I am female and identify as female even though the name I use has “lord” in it. I am a college student who is studying to be a nurse. I am a serous person and most of the things I do for The Yaoi Addiction Society are in a certain format and when I post and comment on the page I talk formally. I am an ally and Gay Rights activist and I will include Gay Rights activism many times in what I do with The Yaoi Addiction Society, even if it gets negative responses. I am devoted to The Yaoi Addiction Society and plan on keeping it running for many years. If you have any questions or comments feel free to tell me at darklordrabey@yaoiaddictionsociety.com. I hope I can help you get your Yaoi  fix for the years to come.”


Facebook Admin

“Hi, My name is Katy aka KuroBakura. I’m one of the admins here. I’ve been a fan of anime for 13-15 years and fan of yaoi for 7-8 years. As you can see, I’m a huge Yu-Gi-Oh yaoi (as well as other animes) fangirl. I am a lesbian but love yaoi with a passion because it was the first type of same sex anime I discovered and loved instantly. Disabled (I have mentally disabilities, which one of them is Autism). I live in a city where most of it is homophobic and where people bully others, no matter what age you are. It doesn’t stop me though.

I became an admin for The Yaoi Addiction Society, not only to help out but spread the love to yaoi fans everywhere.

I chose this picture because this is my favorite Yu-Gi-Oh yaoi pairing.”


Facebook Admin


“I am Kirstie, also known as Enzai. I’m an admin at The Yaoi Addiction Society page on Facebook. I’m 24 years old and have been a fan of Yaoi since the age of 13. My tastes in Yaoi are wide and varied, ranging from the tame to the disturbingly extreme. I like to express some of these fantasies through writing fanfics. It’s enjoyable, but can be hard when you hit writer’s block lol. My extreme tastes may bother some people, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. In life, you have to accept yourself as you are. My dream job is to be a sex therapist or sexologist. Human sexuality is a very fascinating subject to me, and I love learning as much as I can about it. I also want to help those who have been shunned or feel insecure about their sexuality. I have been there myself, and I know how valuable it is to have someone to talk to and accept you as you are.”

Hopeless Romantic

Facebook Admin


“Hello! I’m Cheyenne, AKA, Hopeless Romantic. Nice to meet you!
Well, folks, I live in the middle of nowhere. In my little town we have places to hitch horses at fast food joints and Mennonites. (Which are like the Amish). I am seventeen years old, and work at McDonalds. Despite my age, I’ve been a yaoi and fanfiction author for about two years now, specializing in it by choice. (My handle is I Will Abandon Heaven For You, and I do requests!) I am an avid cosplayer, and go to the conventions in the surrounding area when the opportunity presents itself. My fandom list is long and complicated, though I currently am in love with Homestuck. I don’t do much, my sparse hobbies including sewing, playing videogames, watching anime, trying not to burn down the house with my failed attempt at cooking and again, prancing around in cosplay. I’m a relatively easy going person, and am open to any questions you may have. I’m not omnipotent, so I can’t promise you I have all the answers, but I’ll try my hardest to find them for you. If you want to know anything else about me, we can play ask the admin anytime!
Sincerely…wait this isn’t a letter. Oh well. ~Hopeless Romantic~”

Lonewolfmercenary66 – Sixthgunmyb

Facebook Admin


“I am 18 years old and I’m sort of really picky on what yaoi and shounen ai I like.I Still “my eyes!!!” When i see a penis on the screen lol. I don’t really say much, I’m pretty much  a entertainer coming to awkward situations.”


Facebook Admin, writer, and Local Yaoi Addiction Society Group Leader for Navada.


“Hey guys! I’m NessaYume, writer, cosplayer, and all around yaoi addict. I got into yaoi about 10 years ago when I was 14 with Heero/Duo from Gundam Wing. It progressed as I collected my OTPs, none bigger than Matt/Mello (Death Note). I doubt any couple legit yaoi or not will ever replace them to me. I am the Nevada Yaoi Addiction Society Leader, and have LOTS of plans for conventions in my area (even venturing into SoCal)! I am also a single mother of a wonderful 3 year old boy who also cosplays with me, so if you ever see me, you’ll probably be seeing him. I also do the Guilty Pleasure Confessions that you can find here among SO MUCH MORE! I’m a busy body and love it. I hope to share my passion with you guys as well as learn as much as I teach.”

Ian Wolf


Ian Wolf

Hi there. My name is Ian, I come from North-East England, and I have been interested in anime and manga in general for several years now. I write for MyM Magazine, Anime UK News and On The Box (of which I’m editor). I’m interested in yaoi partly because of my own sexuality. I’m a pansexual fetishist English furry in a long-distance relationship with a genderfluid American catboi  (I even once wrote an April Fool story about a yaoi series that “never got made”, casting us both in it. I’m the one in the glasses in the above image). I’m also like yaoi because I’m so interested that such a genre of fiction should exist. I love how diverse manga is and yaoi is an indication of that. In terms of yaoi itself, I’m pretty much interested in anything, but things that really get my interest is stuff that is out-of-the-ordinary. I’m very experimental, kinky, and I’m keen to say stuff that is not strictly speaking vanilla (BDSM, fetish, etc.). I’m a seme who is always keen to find a uke or two. ^_^

More will be added soon.

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