Code Geass: The Love of Shogo Asahina & David T. Darlton

Disclaimer: Well here we are, my latest fanfic. And this time, I’m going in three different directions. The first is that, this pairing is from the SAME series instead of two different series; the second is that, unless needed, there will be no songs within the fanfic; and finally, this will be the first part of a series featuring the two characters. I do NOT own Shogo Asahina, David T. Darlton, or any other characters from Code Geass! They belong to the creator/s of the Code Geass franchise.

Code Geass: The Love of Shogo Asahina & David T. Darlton

Turn 1: The Day A Journey Begins

It was the day after the First Assault of The Tokyo Settlement; The Black Knights, Zero, and The Black Rebellion were finished. While Suzaku was taking Lelouch back to his dad, there was still the process of escorting the High Priority members of The Black Knights to the prison. The decision was made to have each of the Glaston Knights be the ones to escort each of the Black Knights to the prison. However for one Glaston Knight, it would be the start of a crazy year for him; one that would end with him falling in love, something that he would never have expected.

It all happened as the five Prisoner Transport Vans were heading to the prison. Each of the Glaston Knights were assigned to protect the High Priority Black Knight members. While Claudio got Todoh, and Alfred got Chiba; David ended up getting Shogo Asahina, and neither of them were not happy with that. As the van was moving, the two of them were in the back; both of them staring a hole at the other, not saying a word to each other.

For Shogo, he was upset and angry. After all, Zero left them for whatever reason; and it destroyed everything that they worked for. And now here he was, handcuffed, shackled, and staring a hole through the eyes of the person assigned to make sure that he did not do anything funny, David T. Darlton. David was not sure what to make of this Eleven that was staring at him; he was extremely happy that the Britannian Army, and his fellow brothers, from ending The Black Rebellion. And now, they were going to take the conspirators of the Black Knights to prison. However, one act was going to change everything.

As they reached a bridge, they stopped; mostly due to a roadblock that appeared for unknown reasons. As the vehicles stopped, David pointed at the roadblock and finally said to Shogo, “Is this your doing, Eleven?!” Shogo looked over at the roadblock and said to David, “How should I know? This is news to me.” Before David could even smack Shogo there were sounds of gunfire coming from the roadblock, they were attacking them. The guards were firing back as well; but things were getting hectic.

Seeing no other choice, the vans drove through as fast as they could through this battle. Four of the five vans made it through with some bullet holes; but the same could not be said for the van that David and Shogo were in. Their driver was doing his best to swerve out of the way, with David and Shogo trying to hold on as best they could for dear life. But then one of the attackers pulled out an RPG and aimed it at the van and fired.

The driver tried to turn around; but the RPG hit the driver and killed him. The blast, however, did send the van flying around and ultimately, sent it over the bridge and flying into the water below. Each of the other Glaston Knights saw this; and while they would love to save their brother and, begrudgingly, the Black Knight member, they knew that it was too chaotic to go back. The best that they could do was to get as fast as they could to the prison, then try to get back there and find them.

David slowly opened his eyes after hitting the floor hard, his vision was blurred for a while; but when his vision started to come to normal, he saw that the van was filling up with water. With the vision in his mind, David got back up and tried for the doors; naturally, it would not open up. He then took a look around and saw Shogo was also getting up. He walked over to him, pulled him up by the front of his uniform and yelled at him, “What did your friends just do Eleven?!” Shogo eyes open after that outburst, yelled back at him, “MY friends?! How should I know! I knew NOTHING about this!”

Shogo then looked around to see the flooding van around them; he then calmed down and said to David, “While we could constantly discuss about this all day, I don’t think that neither of us want to die.” David also looked around, and begrudgingly agreed with what Shogo was saying. So the two of them decided to ram the big double doors of the van as they tried to get it open. When they do, a torrential deluge of water came through the van; the two men got hit very hard with the water, and they just swan as fast as they could. However, Shogo was having a hard time because of the handcuff and shackles that he had on.

David was getting closer to the surface; however, he turned around to see the struggling Shogo. David wanted to just let him die; however he was almost honor bound to save someone’s life. The other thought however was that he would be saving a Japanese, an Eleven, that was even more of a problem for him; but in the end, he had no choice in the matter. He had to save him, even if he was an Eleven, a Japanese, he had to save him. So David swam back and grabbed the struggling Shogo, and together they both swam up to the surface.

After some time, David swam Shogo and himself towards land. Both of them were out of breath, but luckily they were both all right. After some time, David got up and looked around their surroundings. Shogo then asked, “Why? Why? Why did you save me? You know that I am your enemy.” David then responded, “Yeah, I know that.” He did not like that he just saved an Eleven/a Japanese; however, he was honor and duty bound to save people. Then Shogo got up and stretched his arms; David noticed this and said, “How did you get those restraints off?”

Shogo responded, “Simple, they got rusted by the water. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do anything stupid like run away.” David said, “And what makes YOU so sure that you’re not gonna run away from me?” To which Shogo said, “One: Even if I did leave, you will eventually find me; Two: Neither of us know anything about what happened up there” He then pointed towards the bridge that they were just on, then finished by saying, “and Three: Even you hate to admit this, you need my help to get back to your brothers alive.” David was surprised by this; having to trust a Japanese/Eleven with his own survival.

Just as he was about to protest this, Shogo heard some sounds coming their way. He then grabbed David by the arm and said, “We better get out of here.” David said, “Why?!” Shogo said, “Those do not sound like your Gloucester or the Knightmare Frames that we’re both use too!” David was surprised by the fact that Shogo was able to know about the sounds from the Knightmare Frames; but he knew that now was not the time to worry about that, it was time to worry about survival. So the two of them ran as fast as they could, not knowing where they would be able to go to.

After some miles, the two of them saw a building in the distance. Unsure about what a building was doing here; however, they knew that it was better than worrying about what would happen if they were caught by the people that may be following them. So David and Shogo headed for the building; and when they got inside the building, they were able to catch their breath. David turned back and looked outside and said, “Looks like we lost whoever was trying to follow us.” Shogo said, “Yeah, but what is this place?”

The two turned around to survey their surroundings. David then said, “It looks like that we entered an abandoned mall.” Shogo then said, “A mall? Why would a mall be all the way out…” Just then Shogo felt a gun touch his back, and then he finished what he said, “” David also felt a gun as well; so they both turned around to see a group of armed men pointing their weapons at the two unwanted intruders. They knew that they were two against a group, so David and Shogo did the same thing and put their hands up.

Next thing Shogo and David knew they were both walking with the group through the mall, as prisoners. As they walked through the big area of the mall, they both noticed something unusual in the mall, A Knightmare Frame that they never seen before. After a few more minutes, they reached their destination. One of the stores, not a big name anchor store; however, it would work nevertheless. After getting it opened, they forced David and Shogo into the store then closed the security gate once they both were inside. Then they left, leaving the two unlikely people as prisoners. Shogo was not surprised, since he was David’s prisoners; however David was not happy being a prisoner of terrorists.

David started to yell out to them, wanting them to release them; however Shogo said, “It’s pointless to continue yelling, they will probably force you to shut up.” David then looked at Shogo and said, “Are you not angry about the fact that you just got…” Shogo interrupted him and said, “I am just as angry as you are about this situation; however, neither of us knew what would happen when we entered this mall. So we are both at fault for coming here with no knowledge of what would happen.” With what Shogo said, David realized that he was right. So David walked over to the other side of the wall and sat down.

Here they were again, sitting across from each other and not saying a word. David kept looking at Shogo; and he finally said, more calmly, “They’re going to kill us, are they?” Shogo said, “Yes.” David knew that what Shogo said was the truth; and to be honest, it scared him. Then the next thing that Shogo said took him completely off guard. He asked David, “What was your life before becoming part of the Britannian Military?” David said with complete shock, “What?” Shogo was asking him about his life before being part of The Glaston Knights? That was something that he was not expecting, even from his enemy. David countered by saying, “Well, what was your life before becoming part of the Black Knights?”

For some time, David and Shogo talked about many things. Their lives before becoming part of their groups respective elite sections of the army. Slowly, the two of them start to see the other as just an ordinary person and not the enemy. Then Shogo said, “You also noticed that Knightmare Frame that was in the big area?” David then said, “Yes, it was one I have never seen before.” Before the two of them could continue, some of the terrorists came to the door. They opened it up and motioned to the two of them to follow. They agreed and followed them to the big area where the Knightmare Frame was.

As the two of them watched what they were doing, David and Shogo just looked at each other with concern. They know that they were not allies; but they know that they need each other to survive. And that unplanned agreement of needing each other was put to the test, when David was forced to his knees and Shogo was given a sword. Shogo knew what the terrorists wanted him to do, execute David T. Darlton. Shogo did not want to go through with it. He knew that David was his enemy; but this was different, he wanted to help him get out of this predicament; even though he knew that he was going to be taken back to the prison that he was originally going to be sent to. Neither one of them liked the outcome that awaited both of them if this continued.

And then something unexpected happened, power to the place went out. As the guards went to find the source, David and Shogo waited. They both looked at each other and nodded. The two of them had a plan, and they knew when they needed to strike. Ultimately the guards returned with the corpse of a man with bolt cutters, they returned to what they wanted to see: Shogo Asahina executing David T. Darlton. Shogo agreed and swung his sword; however, he did not follow through with it. Instead, he sliced the neck of the guard; grabbed David; and they both ran behind the Knightmare Frame to escape the bullet shots.

David said, “So far so good.” Shogo said, “We need an escape route!” They both looked at the Knightmare Frame, and just shrugged. They figured that it was the best that they could do for an escape vehicle. Just then, the gunfire stopped and they both knew that they were going to come around the Knightmare. As the terrorists got around the Knightmare Frame, they were gone. They kept looking around, wondering where they went. What they did not know was that Shogo and David entered the Knightmare Frame.

Shogo and David got inside of the Knightmare before either of the terrorists found them; now comes the tough part, he to use it to get out of their situation. They looked around the area to see that there was no cockpit, it looked like a giant empty space. However, once they stepped into the middle of the circle, displays start appearing from left and right. The terrorists were unaware of where their two escapees were; that is, until they start to see the Knightmare Frame activate and stand up. With the panic, they start shooting.

The bullets start to hit the Knightmare but to no avail. David wanted to pay them back for putting them in that store, so he decided to fire a weapon or at least throw a punch. So he did throw a punch; however, the terrorists still fired their guns. David was confused about why his punch did not connect to the terrorists. He kept trying to no avail, he then asked Shogo, “Do you know how to activate the weapons for this Knightmare, Eleven?” Shogo was annoyed by this, even though he needed his help to escape and survive; however, he was also confused by all this. He responded, “How should I know? I never seen a system like this. It’s almost like…” Just then, the terrorists pull out and RPG, then fired it at the Knightmare and it fell on its side. Which also knocked David and Shogo off their feet.

After some time, David and Shogo both got up; however as they got up Shogo then noticed that the Knightmare also got up as well. Shogo had a thought and said to David, “Can you do the same thing that I am about to do?” David simply said with some confusion, “Okay?” With that, Shogo did a swipe with his hand, a very fast hand; David repeated that, yet nothing happened with the machine. Shogo then thought back to when they had to both get up from the ground, then it hit him. He said to David, “On three, we both do it at the same time.” David nodded, and then Shogo counted, “One…Two…Three!” Then both of them swipped the air; in doing so, the Knightmare also swipped the air. David and Shogo looked at the result and David reluctantly said, “Looks like the two of us REALLY have to be one to control this thing.”

Shogo agreed, they may have different styles; however if they want to control and fight with this mech, they need to truly act as one mind to control this mech. So the two of them looked at the terrorists who were getting ready to open fire again; however David said, “Not this time!” Then he and Shogo both threw a punch together, and this time it did connect to the ground and sent the terrorists flying. After that, they decided that it was time to get out of there. So they both activated the mech and saw that it was a flight program to a certain destination. For David, he hoped that it would get them back to the prison; for Shogo, he wanted it to be anywhere from the mall or the prison. So they both shrugged and activated the program.

Some time later, the authorities, the media, and The Glaston Knights were handling the situation within the abandoned mall where the terrorists were. Claudio was just as confused about why they were asked to help out when they should be trying to find out where their brother and his prisoner, not focused on an abandoned mall turned terrorist stronghold. He looked around to see that it was a mess, bullet holes, terrorist equipment, and what looked like a diagnostic device for Knightmare Frames. He wondered what would terrorists want with a Knightmare Frame? Then he looked up to see the hole in the skylight of the mall, he said to himself, “David, where the hell are you?”

After some time, David slowly woke up. He took a look around to see that he was still inside the Knightmare Frame, he also saw that Shogo was also still there and was waking up as well. Once the two of them got up, they noticed that they were not in the mall anymore; which was good. However, they were at an unknown location. Then something happened, the Knightmare started to fall some good distance from wherever they were and towards the ground very fast. David and Shogo both braced for impact; however Shogo was sent towards David with some force.

And then something happened, something that would set up a chain of events for both David T. Darlton and Shogo Asahina. After a few short minutes, David opened his eyes to see that Shogo was alright; however he was more closer to him before. The impact from the fall slammed them together; but the fall also caused Shogo’s lips to touch David’s lips in a kiss. Basically, David and Shogo both realized it when they both opened their eyes.

To Be Continued

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