LGBT Friendly, non-Yaoi/Yuri anime, manga and BL drama

LGBT Friendly, non-Yaoi/Yuri anime, manga and live-action drama



No.6 is many times mistaken for Yaoi but is it has not been labeled as Yaoi by the creator of the series. Both character have strong feeling for each other and kiss a few times. Neither characters shows interest in woman and they both turn down any requests from woman who want to have sex with them. Their love for each other is not a main focus in the anime/manga but it is very noticeable and is shown in a positive light. If you love Yaoi you will like this anime/manga.   

Paradise Kiss


Paradise Kiss is a very transgender friendly anime/live-action drama/manga. Paradise Kiss has a male to female character named Isabella Yamamoto. She is shown in a positive light and she even loves the main male character, George Koizumi, and (spoiler) ends up traveling with him. George is very accepting of who Isabella is and even gave/made the first dress she wore. She is seen in almost every episode and all through the live-action movie and a mother figure.

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