Artifice (Original Art, Fan Art, Etc.)

Artifice (Original Art, Fan Art, Etc.)  

All of the pictures and info were found by fans from the Artifice Fan page, here is their link,

 ”Artifice” is written by Alex Woolfson & illustrated by Winona Nelson. Here is the link to the web comic, Main site Artifice
Comic Description
Author: Alex Woolfson
Artist: Winona Nelson
Genre: Sci-fi, Yaoi, Romance, Supernatural, adventure
Status: Completed (on March 31, 2012)
Rating: PG-13 (Subject to change)
Warnings: Sexual situations
Full color comicArtifice is about a prototype android named Deacon and his recollection of the Da Vinci Four mission & his relationship with human survivor, 19-year-old Jeff Linnell.
Maven is the therapist that is basically is getting Deacon to unravel the whole story about what happened between Deacon & Jeff & to test him to see if he’s a good solider.

Original art from Artifice

Artifice Fan art




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